3 Stores

Check-in and Check-out at one of 3 Gaiabike Shops, Airport or Hotel

Why Oporto Special Rental Bikes?

Market leaders in comfort and quality

Trek and Specialized bikes

5 check-in and check-out points

Possibility to check-in and check-out at one of the three Gaiabike stores, at the airport or even at your hotel.

Attention to detail

Our professionals are available to pay attention to every detail and to adjust the bike according to your body. Like this we ensure that you will have the best performance during your trip!

Customized Services

We have excellent services which are customized according to your physical condition, age and willingness. Just share with us your ideas and inspirations that we'll quickly help you to realize them.

Why choose our tours?

Customized tours

Unique experiences

Ecological tours

Adventure and fun


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